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No Man’s Sky: What Happens When You Die


No Man’s Sky: What Happens When You Die

What Happens When You Die – No Man’s Sky

Your journey through galaxies and solar systems in No Man’s Sky will be fraught with danger, whether it’s the toxicity level on a planet or a swarm of sentinels. Unfortunately, this danger may just mean that you die at some point during the game. There is a penalty for dying in No Man’s Sky, and anyone familiar with the Dark Souls series might find it familiar.

Upon death, you drop a marker exactly at wherever you died, whether that’s on the ground in your exosuit or in space in your ship. You’ll also lose all of the resources and items that you had in your possession of whatever you died in. This means that if you died in your exosuit, you lose everything you had stored in it, and the same goes for your ship.

At this point, you’ll respawn at the last save point you were at, and be granted an opportunity to reclaim all of your lost gear. If you can make your way back to the exact point you died and find the marker, you can reclaim all of your resources. Be careful though, if you die a second time before you reclaim anything, all of your belongings will be lost forever.

Now that you know what to do if you die on your journey you’re ready to venture out without fear. For more help on your No Man’s Sky adventure make sure to check out our wiki filled with guides and tips.

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