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No Man’s Sky: How to Get to the Center of the Universe Faster


No Man’s Sky: How to Get to the Center of the Universe Faster

Only Land for Supplies

no man's sky

In order to get to the center of No Man’s Sky’s universe you’re going to be using your Hyperdrive a lot. That means you’ll be burning through Warp Cells rapidly. In order to keep yourself with a constant stock of this rare but extremely powerful fuel, you’e going to need some supplies. Players that are rushing to the center will probably ignore most planets in their way, but there are a few elements that you should always keep a large stock of:

  • Carbon – Needed to Make Suspension Fluid
  • Plutonium – Needed to craft Electron Vapor
  • Heridium – Needed to craft Antimatter
  • Zinc – Also needed to craft Antimatter
  • Thamium9 – Along with Antimater, this allows you to craft those precious Warp Cells.

Thankfully all of the above are among the most common elements in the entire game. The only one that may give you a problem is Zinc, so a good idea is to buy all you can from the Galactic Market in each new star system you visit. They usually have anywhere between 30 and 50 pieces in stock. That should help to keep your stocks from hitting zero.

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