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No Man’s Sky: Can You Fast Travel?


No Man’s Sky: Can You Fast Travel?

Fast Travel – No Man’s Sky

The universe in No Man’s Sky is absolutely massive. Not only are there several galaxies, but they collectively house over 18 quintillion planets. Getting around can take ages, so any way to cut down on travel time is a welcome reprieve when trying to get some exploration and discovery on.

Unfortunately, there is no set fast travel option. You can’t just teleport around a planet or freely from star system to star system. But, you can move around much faster than simply walking and using your Starship’s base speed. Here are the ways you can traverse the universe just a little bit faster:

  • When on a planet, you can use your Airship’s boost (hold Circle) to move around faster.
  • When in space, your Pulse Drive can cut trips down to a matter of seconds. Just line yourself up with your destination and hold L1+R1 to activate it. Keep in mind that you must have it charged (uses Thamium9), and you can’t use it when too close to a planet or space station, or when in combat.
  • You can warp between star systems with your Hyperdrive (the closest thing to fast travel available so far). It’s not even close to unlimited, though, requiring Warp Cells to make a jump, and those take a lot of resources to craft. Also, you can only jump to adjacent systems with the base Hyperdrive. Upgrading will allow for further distances, but it’s still limited.
  • The final method is a Black Hole. The thing is, you have no way of telling where the Black Hole will take you, and they appear randomly.

It’s tough getting around, but that’s part of the fun. No Man’s Sky has many secrets tucked in all of its corners, so since you can’t really fast travel, why not do a bit of exploration.

If you need any more help with No Man’s Sky, check out our robust wiki full of guides and tips.

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