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No Man’s Sky: How to Enter and Exit Your Ship


No Man’s Sky: How to Enter and Exit Your Ship

Exiting and Entering Your Ship – No Man’s Sky

To explore the huge universe that Hello Games has crafted in No Man’s Sky, your spaceship is going to be pretty important. Here’s how to enter and exit your ship when you land on a planet and when you want to take off.

Once you’ve finally picked out a planet from the 18 quintillion available that you want to explore, and have successfully landed, you’ll need to head out on foot in order to truly see what the terrain has to offer. Each planet is completely unique, so you can’t pass up on one just judging by its first looks.

To get out and have a proper adventure, you’ll want to press Square to exit your ship. This will then allow you to go and interact with all of the different things on the planet, scan some new lifeforms, pick up some new resources, and hopefully avoid the local Sentinels.

Getting back into your ship to take off and explore somewhere else is just as simple, and requires you to approach it and simply hit Square again. Now you can buckle in and set off for the next planet on your checklist.

If you need any more help with No Man’s Sky, check out our robust wiki full of guides and tips.

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