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No Man’s Sky Glitch Lets You See the World From Underground


No Man’s Sky Glitch Lets You See the World From Underground

A new perspective.

No Man’s Sky is full of surprises. From new creatures and alien races, to surprising weather effects, all the way to mysterious black holes that send you to random locations in the universe. Of course, a game of this magnitude is not without its glitches, but even those manage to be impressive.

While playing a bit of No Man’s Sky as we waited for the day one patch to download, we went on a bit of an adventure exploring the caves of one of the over 18 quintillion planets available in the game. After exploring for a while, a dead-end appeared, serving as a perfect opportunity to try out the one of the game’s most powerful tools: the Plasma Launcher. This is a grenade launcher that can excavate land even if it isn’t a resource, so it was exactly what we needed to get out of this system of tunnels. Yet, when we went to blast a new exit, we were treated to a world that was much different from how we last left it.

After hours exploring the universe, we found ourselves under it. The whole world appeared overhead, as the explorer I controlled found himself desperate to get out. It was surreal in a way, as if I ended up in a scene pulled right from Interstellar. If I’m being completely honest, It took me a few seconds to realize it even was a glitch with how pretty the sky was with all of its flora and sunlight.

The day one patch seems to have fixed this issue up, though. With over 10 hours in, I’ve yet to find myself on the other side again. Maybe I’ll be able to visit the other side once again, one day. Until then I guess I’ll just have to see what the other planets have in store for me in No Man’s Sky.

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