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No Man’s Sky Guide: All Paths You Can Take


No Man’s Sky Guide: All Paths You Can Take

Journey to the Center

no man's sky

This is the primary path that everyone knew about going into No Man’s Sky. Hello Games shared that the universe would be huge and that a mystery lay in wait at the center of it all. When you first start up, it’s highlighted for you when you finally get a Hyperdrive, and there are ways to speed up your journey.

Right now it’s the most basic path, with little more than your desire to see the center first pushing you along. That’s not a bad thing, though there is plenty to see on your way as you raid planets for necessary resources and valuable information. In some ways it’s No Man’s Sky lite, giving you a taste of the universe with a clear and direct path for you to follow. Definitely helpful since looking at the map will give those who find making decisions difficult a reason to panic.

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