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Buildings – No Man’s Sky Wiki Guide


Buildings – No Man’s Sky Wiki Guide

Space houses!

There are several buildings and structures that you can explore and enter in No Man’s Sky. So far, we’ve found five different types of buildings that you can interact with in the game. However, you don’t want to end up doing the wrong thing and offend any inhabitants that might be hanging out in there.

Here are all the different types of buildings that can be found in No Man’s Sky, and their various purposes.


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Bases often look like odd space houses with multiple branches. There will always be an alien waiting for you inside. After interacting with the alien for the first time, it will offer you a variety of services including healing, repairing, and providing you with useful information. You can also interact with them for a chance to earn some rewards.

Bases will also always have a Multi-tool upgrade or exchange station, where you can reinforce your gear before setting off to explore the new planet. Sometimes, you’ll get access to a trade terminal, as well.

It’s worth noting that some bases are locked off and can only be accessed with an Atlaspass. These will sometimes contain save stations, resources for you to collect, and maybe even an Exosuit upgrade if you’re lucky.

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