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Attack on Titan: How to Get and Use Flash Grenades


Attack on Titan: How to Get and Use Flash Grenades

Flash Grenades – Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan will have you facing monstrous Titans as they try to ravage the last bit of humanity there is left. Along your quest through the story as well as individual expeditions, you’ll play as various characters from the franchise. Each may have different stats, but they all can use the same items to take down their foes. One of these trusty items are flash grenades.

When you’re facing a Titan with an eye underneath their health bar, you’ll know that they’re affected by flash grenades. After unlocking them through the story, you’ll always have them as part of your arsenal, like gas or blades. You simply need to hit left or right on your d-pad until you come across the yellow circle/star icon and hit up on the d-pad when you want to drop it near a titan. Once you do, they’ll be momentarily stunned, allowing you to get behind them to strike their nape, or run right away.

Remember that you have a limit to these in a level, or else you’ll need to resupply out there on the battlefield. Don’t go dropping flash grenades all willy nilly; use them when you really need to.

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