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Attack on Titan Guide: Tips on How to Easily Subjugate a Titan


Attack on Titan Guide: Tips on How to Easily Subjugate a Titan

Titans are your primary targets in Attack on Titan as you fight to reclaim the world for humanity. These towering humanoids would like nothing more than to eat you alive as they crush everything in their way. They’re creepy as all hell, which can shake up even the most brave of soldiers, and while some are easy to subjugate (Attack on Titan’s word for kill), others will put up quite a bit of a challenge.

There are a few things you want to keep in mind when it comes to bringing down these behemoths, and they will make your life much easier:

Use Height to Your Advantage – Using the leverage of higher ground will be your best friend when playing Attack on Titan. Titan’s are tall, which you’ve probably already noticed, so attacking at low angles only opens yourself to kicks, stomps, and hammer fists, and, of course, random grabs. Attacking from high puts you out of reach of most attacks, and usually provides a clear path to the nape of the neck.

The Ol’ One-Two of Knee-Neck – This method works pretty well for us and should help you a lot, especially when dealing with medium or giant Titans. Start from in front of the Titan and choose a knee. Anchor onto it and go straight through, chopping it off. Immediately hit up on your left thumbstick a few times to aim for the neck and charge right in. Taking off a knee will stun them for a few seconds, leaving the neck wide open for a clean subjugation. With this method you can take out a group of Titans in a matter of seconds. Note: This does not work on Titans with defensive parts.

Use the Focus Option With Soldiers – If you’re facing a Titan who’s a bit tougher it’s a good idea to bring some other soldiers with you. A quick way to take out a limb is to have multiple individuals targeting it at once. Pressing down on the d-pad will rotate between Focus, Guard, and Fan Out. Focus will have everyone with you attack whatever part you attack, making battles quicker and easier.

Avoid Corners – Titans can use their surroundings to protect themselves by either shaking off your anchor or backing you into a corner. If this happens, you’ll have a much tougher fight on your hands and can very much end up dead. Keep to open areas. You can goad Titan’s into targeting you by pressing the Options/Menu button.

Become a Trap Queen – Traps come in the form of spikes or explosives on the ground that only activate when a Titan steps over them. Lead powerful Titans, or even groups of them, to these and watch as they lose their legs. Smaller ones will sometimes die immediately, earning you a bunch of gold medals.

For more Attack on Titan help, check out our wiki full of tips and guides!

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