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Shazam Movie Won’t Be Affected by DCEU’s Negative Response


Shazam Movie Won’t Be Affected by DCEU’s Negative Response

They grow up so fast.

According to Newsweek, producer Dany Garcia states DC’s upcoming Shazam! movie will not be impacted by the poor critical responses previous DCEU projects have suffered.

Garcia claims she and the movie’s leading star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (who plays Black Adam) have “incredible autonomy over this brand and franchise”, ensuring worried fans they are in complete control of the movie’s general tone and voice, which is promised to be more fun than anything Warner Bros. has yet produced.


Both Garcia and Johnson are co-producing Shazam! through New Line, which is a division on Warner Bros., unlike other DC Extended Universe projects that were handled by Warner Bros. directly. This means the movie is being made by “a different team, different producers and directors”, giving it “a different set-up” compared to previous DC films.

Many feared Shazam! wouldn’t be part of the DCEU since it’s produced by another team and studio altogether, but Garcia stated the movie will most definitely be a part of the DCEU, albeit that “the culture will be a little different”.

Shazam! is expected to hit theaters on April 5, 2019. The producers “don’t mind taking their time” to make sure the movie blows audiences away, with Johnson prioritizing embracing a tone that suits the character.


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