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Xbox One Deals Gets Better as Xbox One S Release Looms

Xbox One

Xbox One Deals Gets Better as Xbox One S Release Looms

Will you be picking up an Xbox One?

The rumor on the Internet is an August 2nd release date for the Xbox One S (coinciding with the Windows 10 anniversary date). That gives Microsoft less than a month to sell off its old remaining stock of Xbox One 2015 / 2016 bundles, and from what we’re seeing Microsoft is being quite aggressive in offloading the older console, making Xbox One deals better than Black Friday 2015.

Now through July 17th the Microsoft Store is reducing prices and offering huge bonuses. All 1TB Xbox One console bundles have reduced in price from $399 to $299 while the 500GB Bundles dropped from $349 to $279. Most other big box retailers like Best Buy and GameStop are matching these prices given the discount is distributor-wide, but most retailers won’t include all the bonuses that you get buying straight from Microsoft. For example, currently if you buy at MSFT’s webstore, you’ll receive a free Xbox One Controller (2 total controller), a Ubisoft Game of your choice (from selection of 3), and a $50 Gift Card to round it all up.

Compare these offers to say Black Friday 2015… Back then Microsoft reduced prices to $350 for 1TB and $320 for 500GB with a $60 Gift Card. Today you’re still getting a $50 Gift Card, a lower price, and a free wireless controller to along with it all ($60 value). If you do the math you’re looking at well over $110 in bonus value – a fair incentive considering the hardware will soon be “outdated.”

The other big box retailers are outmatched by Microsoft, but there are a few decent bundle offers elsewhere. In particular eBay is the place to find the cheapest manufacturer refurbished Xbox One to date with a price of only $169.99. Some of these are “brown box” units while others are retail box refurbished straight from the factory with Microsoft warranty.

It’ll be interesting to see how much further cheaper the Xbox One may reach when the Xbox One S gets released fully next month. Will we see the fable $199 price point for a brand new unit? Time will tell.

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