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WWE 2K16: How to Put Someone Through a Table


WWE 2K16: How to Put Someone Through a Table

Trying to bash an opponent through a table? We understand. It’s one of the more fun and destructive ways to dominate your enemies in WWE 2K16.

There’s multiple ways to put someone through a table, some harder to pull off than others. The easiest method is to bring furniture to them. Pick up a table and press the grapple button near an opponent to hit them with it, then put them on the table using the grapple button again. After this, you can climb up the turnbuckle or a ladder and dive onto the both of them.  You can also place an enemy on a table by dragging them to it then hitting the action button. This will place them against the table, then you can press grapple to lift them onto it.

A number of other moves can provide the same table-smashing satisfaction though. If your opponent is weak enough and near a table, you can try using a D-throw grapple, though this doesn’t always destroy it fully.

Once they’re on a tabletop surface, a wide variety of throws, suplexes, and slams can drive them through. If this isn’t working, try weakening your enemy even more, then try one of these methods again.

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