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We Happy Few Early Access vs. Full Release: What’s Different

we happy few

We Happy Few Early Access vs. Full Release: What’s Different

A work in progress.

With We Happy Few releasing in Early Access on Xbox One and PC shortly, players will soon be able to get to exploring the alternative ’60s dystopian England that we’ve seen in the trailers. Of course, with the Early Access release so soon, players will be wondering how this experience will differ from the full game when it releases in the future.

According to a post on the game’s Steam page, pretty much all of the game’s story will be missing from the Early Access version of the game.

“The game’s story, apart from certain moments, will not be included in the Early Access version of the game. By ‘the story’ we mean the narrative areas, gameplay, and cutscenes that make up a traditional single player story.”

Therefore, the Early Access will be able to provide you with an idea of the gameplay experience to be had in We Happy Few, without delving too much into why you’re doing it and your overall objectives.

Alongside the story that’s missing in the Early Access of We Happy Few, Compulsion Games also revealed that a few modes and difficulties will not be present, either. Compulsion Games also intends to be releasing a couple of major updates that will add to the design and the features of the game. These updates will be based on community feedback.

In terms of the current state of the Early Access version, most of the features that will be in the full release will be in this version.

“You can fight, conform, hide, and escape the islands (although to start, we will only have access to 3/5 islands). There is a lot of content still to be created, including more islands, encounters, NPC behaviors, gameplay features, and a proper final challenge/ending, and a large amount of work to do on balance and polish.”

We Happy Few will release in Early Access on Jul. 26 for Steam and the Xbox One.

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