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Here’s the List of US Theaters That Will Show Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV


Here’s the List of US Theaters That Will Show Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV

Talk about a limited release.

The stunning CGI experience Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV is coming to select cinemas across America on August 19. Since this was announced in June, the big question on fans’ minds has been simply: which theaters will be playing it?

During the Kingsglaive panel at San Diego Comic-Con we got our first list of locations you can see the film on the big screen during its extremely limited release.

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Texas residents should be feeling pretty spoiled with a whopping five locations, while California has three theaters showing the movie and Virginia has two. New York, Washington, and Florida are stuck with only one showing, but that’s still more than the remaining 44 states, which have got to be feeling pretty left out about now.

There is a slight flicker of hope for anyone too far to make it to one of these 13 locations, as there is the vague note “Check back later for more theaters” at the bottom of the list. Keep those fingers crossed, and we’ll let you know when more cinemas are revealed.

Kingsglaive also received digital and physical release dates during the panel, coming in August and October respectively. There’s a cracking new trailer to check out too, so go give that a look.

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