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Rocket League: How to Get Ranked

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Rocket League: How to Get Ranked

How to up your rank.

Ranked play is one of the two core online modes in Rocket League and while the ranking system is quite complicated, being assigned a rank is not.

Before you start ranked play, you will be ‘Unranked’ and must play 10 competitive matches to be assigned a rank. You are assigned a separate rank for each kind of match type, those being: Solo Duels, Doubles, Solo Standard, and Standard. As with all ranked modes in games, the more times you win the higher the rank you will become. In season 2 of Rocket League, the ranks, from lowest to highest, are:

  1. Unranked
  2. Prospect I
  3. Prospect II
  4. Prospect III
  5. Prospect Elite
  6. Challenger I
  7. Challenger II
  8. Challenger III
  9. Challenger Elite
  10. Rising Star
  11. Shooting Star
  12. All-Star
  13. Superstar
  14. Champion
  15. Super Champion
  16. Grand Champion

There is also five subdivisions for each rank. Each of the five represent roughly 20% of the rank and Division 1 is the lowest while Division 5 is the highest in any given rank. When you increase in rank you will be placed in division 2 of the rank you have moved into. As you win or lose more matches in Rocket League, you will move up and down divisions and ranks.

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