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Prison Architect: How to Recruit CI (Confidential Informants)

prison architect

Prison Architect: How to Recruit CI (Confidential Informants)

Prison Architect will feature a medley of different prisoners that you’ll have to deal with. Sometimes, you’ll need someone on the inside. That’s where snitches, I mean, Confidential Informants come in.

Confidential Informants will blossom from being in solitary for long hours (set your punishments to long hours and you’ll raise these chances) and just wanting to bargain their way back to their cell. Once you have a potential CI, you’ll notice a circle around them while they are in solitary confinement. Simply select them and under the Experience tab, select to recruit them. Voila, you have a CI. Make sure their suspicion level doesn’t rise too high, as summoning them too often might make it obvious that they’re a rat.

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