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Pokemon GO: Where to Find Cubone


Pokemon GO: Where to Find Cubone

Bad to the bone.

Cubone is arguably one of the most adorable Pokemon in the original generation, so it would be our luck that he’s hard to find. Thankfully, we have had a few trainers get lucky and catch one of these bone-headed (get it?) Pokemon in the wild. One of the sightings happened in Reading Pennsylvania just outside of a local park. This person had actually just started Pokemon GO a few hours prior and was only level 2 when Cubone was not only sighted but captured.

Another trainer has also reported a numerous amount of sightings of Cubones outside of a mini park, much like our first trainer. This trainer was only level 3 and located in Beverly Hills, California. Both trainers reported that these Pokemon were quite easy to catch and almost never ran from a battle to breath easy. We have not yet spotted or heard of someone seeing the evolved form Marowak out in the wild. While it is possible to come across evolved Pokemon such as Pidgeot, this is a very rare chance.

It seems that smaller parks and more mountainous areas house these adorable little Pokemon. However, it should be noted that many of our staff members have actually never even seen a Cubone, so he could be rarer than some may expect. If you manage to snag one let us know in the comments and check out our Ultimate Guide for all your Pokemon GO needs!

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