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Pokemon GO: Where to find Aerodactyl


Pokemon GO: Where to find Aerodactyl

Terror in the sky.

Aerodactyl is one of the fossil Pokemon from the original games that has made its way into Pokemon GO. However, unlike Kabuto or Omanyte this fossil Pokemon is incredibly rare and difficult to find out in the wild. While this flying terror can be hatched from a 10km, you are still not guaranteed to even acquire this Pokemon through that method. Yet, it’s still possible to go out and find this flying/rock Pokemon in the wild, just make sure to bring a lot of Pokeballs with you.

One of the locations that Aerodactyl was spotted in is New York City, specifically around the famed Times Square. This could be for a number of reasons, but the biggest has to be the sheer amount of PokeStops and lures being used there at any given time. Since Lure Modules have a chance to bring in rare Pokemon, finding high concentration areas like this will certainly boost your chances. Especially since the other fossil Pokemon have also been sighted in this area and captured.

When hunting for this ancient Pokemon, consider hitting highly concentrated areas that are absent of a nearby water source. Since being near the ocean or a lake boosts the chance of water Pokemon, eliminating this will lower the chances of seeing a dozen Goldeens flopping around you. Aerodactyl doesn’t have any set location and can be found anywhere, but by hanging out in areas where a large number of lures are in use, your chances will increase greatly of spotting this legendary Pokemon.

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