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Pokemon GO: What CP Is and How to Improve It


Pokemon GO: What CP Is and How to Improve It

While Pokemon GO does boil down the rather in-depth stats section of the traditional Pokemon games, it does introduce CP- a new measure of your Pokemon’s strength. Here is exactly what CP is and how you can improve it.

Each Pokemon now has two main stats: HP and CP. While HP should be familiar to most Pokemon fans as Hit Points, which shows you how much health your creature has, CP is completely new. CP is the new measure of how powerful your Pokemon’s attack is and stands for Combat Points. Therefore, the higher your Pokemon’s HP and CP, the more powerful it is. Each species also has its own CP cap, which raises as your trainer level goes up.

In order to increase CP, you’ll have to Power Up your Pokemon using Candy and Stardust. We’ve outlined how to do this here.

Have you got to grips with Pokemon GO yet? Have you powered up any of your Pokemon at all? Let us know in the comments below.

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