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Pokemon GO: The Difference Between Incense and Lure Modules


Pokemon GO: The Difference Between Incense and Lure Modules

Walk or stay put.

If you’re feeling lazy, Pokemon GO does provide you with a couple of tools to attract Pokemon to your location without you having to move around at all. You can choose to either use Incense or a Lure Module when you want to bring Pokemon to your location. With that in mind, you might be wondering: so what’s the difference between the two?

If you use an Incense, it creates an aura around you and brings Pokemon to your location. You’ll still be able to walk around normally, and new Pokemon will show up at your location. However, do take note that this does not apply to the Pokemon identified on your map. If you see Pokemon on your radar, using Incense will not bring them to you. Instead, doing this will attract other Pokemon not on your radar. It’s also worth noting that only you will be able to interact with the Pokemon attracted by the Incense, and players around you will not reap those benefits.

A Lure Module works a little differently. It can only be applied at PokeStops, and you’ll have to stay put in that one location and wait for the Pokemon to come to you. Unlike Incense, all surrounding players will be able to see the effects of the Lure Module, and they’ll be able to encounter new Pokemon if they choose to go to the PokeStop where you’ve dropped the Module.

Long story short, use an Incense if you’re walking alone, and you’ll have more Pokemon coming to you. If you want to be social in Pokemon GO, drop by a PokeStop and use a Lure Module instead.

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