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Pokemon GO’s Medals Suggest More Pokemon Generations Are on the Way


Pokemon GO’s Medals Suggest More Pokemon Generations Are on the Way

And you thought you were close to catching ’em all…

Pokemon GO has graced app stores with its presence and Pokemon fans are going wild as they explore the great outdoors in search of their favorite Pokemon from the original 151. However, judging by one of the Pokemon GO medals, it looks like we could be catching more than the original 151 in the future.

Eagle-eyed users may have spotted a medal called Kanto, which requires players to register specific amounts of Pokemon in their Pokedex. In order to get the Bronze version of the medal, players must register 5 Pokemon, Silver is 50, and Gold is 100. The numbers aren’t what’s important here, however, what is, is the name of the medal.

Many Pokemon fans out there will be quite familiar with the fact that the original Pokemon could be found in Kanto, however, when the roster expanded to 251 the additions could only be acquired in the new region of Johto. With the medal for registering these numbers of Pokemon being called Kanto, it’s possible we could see a medal in the future called Johto, tasking us with registering more Pokemon, alongside the release of the next generation.

It’s worth mentioning at this point, however, that this is by no means confirmed by Niantic or anyone at The Pokemon Company, but merely some logical thinking, and a bit of hope, too. Do you think we’ll be getting the next generation coming to Pokemon GO? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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