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Pokemon GO: How to Take Photos with the Camera


Pokemon GO: How to Take Photos with the Camera

Sometimes in Pokemon GO, when you find a Pokemon in the great outdoors you just have to capture that moment. Whether it’s an incredibly rare Pokemon you can’t believe you’ve just found, or a Growlithe just looking seriously majestic, you’ll want to capture it with a photo. Here’s how to use the app’s internal photo feature.

When you come across a Pokemon in the wild and want to snap a quick photo, you can use the Augmented Reality feature to place that Pokemon into the real-world (if you hadn’t already), by clicking on the Pokemon on the map. Once you’ve done this, to capture the moment, select the Camera from your Bag, make sure that you’ve got the perfect shot, and then tap the shutter button to take the photo.

The image will then be saved in your phone’s photo gallery, which you can then send to friends, upload to social media, or just save for your own personal collection of awesome moments.

Doing this, as opposed to taking a normal screenshot on your phone, ensures that you don’t capture your battery icon, reception bars, and other notifications at the top of your screen.

Now go forth and snap some incredible shots. Feel free to share your best Pokemon GO snaps in the comments below. Now all we need is Pokemon Snap 2!

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