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All Persona Games, Ranked From Worst to Best


All Persona Games, Ranked From Worst to Best

Do you favor the old or the new?

9. Persona 4 Arena

persona 4 arena wall

Fans were glad to get a Persona fighting game, but unfortunately, Persona 4 Arena just wasn’t that great or outstanding by the standards of the Persona series. Bringing the cast of Persona 3 and 4 together was cool, but the game seemed to reuse many conflicts and themes that had already been explored in previous games. For example, bringing out the Shadow versions of the Persona 4 cast shouldn’t have had as negative an effect on the characters because they had already faced these uglier sides of themselves in the original game.

Not only that, the characters from the Persona 3 cast had been greatly exaggerated for the sake of humor. Akihiko was presented as a hardcore protein junkie, while Mitsuru walked around in a fur coat and sunglasses – we all know that Akihiko loves working out, and that Mitsuru is rich, but these are just small attributes of a larger personality that these characters have, and stylizing them in such a manner did no favors for them at all.

The story in Arena is pretty good, and Labrys was a truly relatable character with a nice development arc. However, the characters from the original cast were weak overall, and it certainly didn’t help that most of the story had to be read from an unappealing wall of text with static background images.

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