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NBA 2K16: How to Request a Transfer

NBA 2K16

NBA 2K16: How to Request a Transfer

Looking for a new scenery?

Similar to previous titles in the 2k series, creating a personal player in MYCAREER can be a vast & deep mode to dive into it. After putting all of your skill points into specific attributes you would like your player to represent, you will then like every other rookie entering the NBA have to experience the draft.

After being drafted to your team, you will gain experience with your fellow teammates and finally, earn a spot as one of the five starters. If you are not fond of the team you have been drafted to by then, you might have to consider requesting a trade.

Requesting a trade in MYCAREER is a very simple process, prior to requesting a trade, make sure you have completed ten games with the team you have to be drafted by. Now once you are in the gym training room, where you can shootaround prior to progressing in the season, press start and scroll down until you have reached the option to request a trade.

Once there press the X/A button and then you will be asked what team you have the most interest in. Not every team will be interested, however, your Agent will work on getting you to the team you prefer to be on.

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