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Naruto Online: How to Move


Naruto Online: How to Move

Naruto Online is a browser-based MMO that throws players right into the events of the Naruto manga and anime. You’ll be able to explore all of the iconic locations including major shinobi villages. Of course, once there you’ll have to move around. Naruto Online provides several ways for players to move around.

The first is to simply click anywhere on the screen. If you see a spot you want to go to, or an item you want to pick up, simply click it and you’ll automatically walk to the spot. It’s your standard PC gaming action, and it keeps things simple.

The second is to click on your mini-map. You’ll notice a small blue map of your current area in the upper-right section of your screen that represents your current area and expands beyond the scope of your gameplay screen. Click anywhere on this map and you’ll auto-run to whatever area you clicked on.

The final method is to click directly on a specific entry in your Mission List. If you’re confused as to where you must go next to progress Naruto Online’s plot, just click directly on the mission and watch as your ninja makes his/her way to the target location. This is perfect for those just trying to get some objectives done before heading out for the day, or if you have no interest in the sights that the game offers you.

Now that you know how to get around, jump in and show the world your own ninja way.

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