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Naruto Online: How to Download the Game Client


Naruto Online: How to Download the Game Client

Naruto Online is the first official MMORPG to come to PCs from Oasis Games and Bandai Namco. You’ll traverse the iconic land of the anime/manga as your very own ninja, meeting Naruto and friends along the way. It might be browser-based, allowing you to log in with even your Facebook account, but there is a way to download the “mini-client” for smoother gameplay and no hassle with all the browser nonsense that comes along.

In order to download the mini-client, launch the game. Among the top menu options, you’ll see a bubble with Naruto’s face that says “Mini-Client.” Hitting that will show you a new menu that details all of the bonuses you’ll get the first time, daily, and weekly, for using the client. It’s very useful in that sense, as well.

Newbie Gift Pack

  • 30,000 coins
  • 5 Low-Level Refine Runes
  • 2 Seal Scrolls
  • 1 Summoning Scroll
  • 3,000 Cultivation Runes

Daily Login Gift Pack

  • 5,000 coins
  • 1 Bond Scroll
  • 1 BBQ

Weekly Login Gift Pack

  • 20,000 coins
  • 5 Seal Fragments
  • 500 Cultivation Runes

Once you hit the “Download and Open” button, you’ll be downloading the client, installing, and on your way to playing Naruto Online without the need for a browser. Check back to Twinfinite for all of your Naruto Online questions!

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