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Monster Hunter Generations: How to Get Malachite Ore


Monster Hunter Generations: How to Get Malachite Ore

Monster Hunter Generations is here, and there’s a lot to explore and learn about this detailed, survivalist-style game. If you have any hope of making it out there in the wilds, you’re going to need the best gear you can fashion. This means keeping a good stock of the needed supplies for crafting, upgrading, and creating decorations. Keeping a steady supply of the materials needed can be a challenge, but the savvy hunter should have no trouble.

In Generations, much like prior entries, malachite ore is important to upgrading your weapons and armor. While iron ore will get you through some of the early going, this tougher — and rarer — material will be more important later on. Luckily, finding it is as simple as looking for spots to mine and putting that pickaxe to good work. If you’re out on an ore-gathering mission, be sure to bring plenty of Iron or Mega Pickaxes along for the ride so you don’t run out.

With pickaxes in tow, simply head out on any quest. Areas unlocked in higher-tier quests are more likely to have rarer items, so keep that in mind. Malachite ore also seems to be easier to find the further out from base camp you go looking for mining spots, so don’t be afraid to really get out there. Mining will get you plenty of other helpful items, too, so don’t be too disappointed if you don’t get exactly what you wanted. You’ll be able to put it all to good use.

Of course, Generations doesn’t limit you to what you can find on your own. Remember that the Palico Ranch offers a trader, where you can put in requests to help get items you’re struggling to find on your own. The Ranch also allows you to send your Palicoes out on Meownster Hunter Expeditions, which are a great way of stocking up on hard-to-find items, or the things that you need but simply haven’t had time to collect while taking down the big beasties. Use both of these as often as you can, and you should have no troubles with your materials.

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