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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2: How to Unlock Venom


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2: How to Unlock Venom

Venom in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1

venom marvel ultimate alliance

Marvel Ultimate Alliance allows you to work with a bevy of iconic superheroes as you battle your way through various stages to save the world from utter destruction. Naturally, you’ll be able to unlock more and more along the way, with MUA being well-known for hosting a big cast of characters.

One such “hero” is actually the Spider-Man universe villain, Venom. Unfortunately, he’s not available in the base game for MUA. In order to play as this hulking psycho, you’ll need to download the Villains DLC or have the Gold Edition of Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Once you do, you’ll get your choice of five different villains, one of which is the long-tongued creep himself.

Here are his stats and powers in the game:

  • Body: 36
  • Focus: 16
  • Strike: 24
  • Venom Thrust –  Projectile that shoots forward.
  • Symbiote Flail – Radial attack that swipes all around.
  • Venom Swing – Grabs an enemy and swings them around, knocking others back and dealing damage.
  • Venom Heave – Throws enemies high into the air.
  • Symbiote Bite – Bites enemies on the ground.
  • Claw – Increases all of his attacks.
  • Terror – Increases his defense against attacks.
  • Symbiote Sludge – Sticks enemies in their places with his Symbiote.

Next up, we’ll teach you how to get Venom in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

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