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I Am Setsuna: How to Beat the Stout Sheep Boss


I Am Setsuna: How to Beat the Stout Sheep Boss

I Am Setsuna isn’t the world’s toughest JRPG, but there are a few bosses in the game that serve as roadblocks to make sure you’re at the level that you should be. One of those bosses is the Stout Sheep.

What makes the Stout Sheep boss in I Am Setsuna particularly tricky is its high health and its ability to quickly recover its health. It will use Hibernate to recover large chunks of its health at once, and can also apply a powerful Regen effect on itself that if you have bad luck, and you’re party doesn’t have high enough damage output, can actually make Stout Sheep nearly un-killable.

However, besides its high health and ability to recover HP, Stout Sheep doesn’t have too much else going for it. It has an extremely long ATB wait, meaning there’s a ton of time in between its attacks and moves. Also, his attacks aren’t dangerously strong. You shouldn’t be totally reckless and not bring any kind of heals, but it’s not like the Aurorean Tiger where the attacks come in fast and hard.

I Am Setsuna

So our advice for this boss battle is to be as offensive as possible. This is a fight that you can definitely get away with not bringing Setsuna unless she happens to also be one of your top three damage dealers. We used Endir, Kir, and Aeterna to beat Stout Sheep.

Endir and Kir have high damage potential while Aeterna can also hold her own, and add useful debuffs like slow, stun, and confusion, all of which slow Stout Sheep even further. If you’re worried about not being able to heal up you have a couple of options. You have plenty of time in between attacks, so if Stout Sheep uses something like a powered up Angry Stamp that deals a lot of damage, you can just have everyone use a Potion to get back up to speed. Or, you can do what we did and have Kir equipped with Drain. When you use Drain with momentum, it also heals the entire party. Just always keep one stack of momentum on Kir just in case of emergencies and otherwise spam something stronger like Fire.

There are two clear ways to check if you’re a high enough level for this tough I Am Setsuna boss. If an attack boosted Angry Stamp one shots most, if not all of your party, you definitely need more HP and levels. Also, if your damage output isn’t high enough to counter Stout Sheep’s regen, then you need higher damage and likely more levels.

With all that in mind, Stout Sheep is pretty simple. Hit it  as hard as you possibly can with your highest damaging moves; go all out. Bring plenty of Ethers to recharge MP, along with Potions and Atheninan Waters in case it gets a couple of lucky shots on you. As long as your damage is high enough, you’ll eventually wear it down, and walk away with the victory.

Let us know if you’re still having trouble with the Stout Sheep boss in I Am Setsuna in the comments, or if you have an even better strategy, please feel free to share!

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