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I Am Setsuna: When You Should Sell Materials


I Am Setsuna: When You Should Sell Materials

I Am Setsuna is a fantastic new addition to the JRPG genre that draws much of its style and mechanics from the classics. Unfortunately, this means quite a lot of the game is left without explanation, which leaves many players grasping for answers to some of the game’s more mysterious features. For many different reasons, a large question on many players’ minds is whether or not they should be selling their materials when possible.

Spritnite is one of the most important facets of I Am Setsuna as it is the prime factor in powering up your characters. Acquiring Spritnite seems easy at first: sell the correct materials to the Magic Consortium Representative and then choose the Spritnite you want. But as you might have notice during your playthrough, new Spritnite will unlock the further you progress in the story and a large fear is whether or not the materials you sold prior to the new Spritnite’s appearance will count toward its collection. As luck would have it, the answer is yes, all previously sold materials will count toward any future Spritnite that will pop up (don’t worry, we’ve tested it).

I Am Setsuna, Selling Materials

Missing out on Spritnite isn’t the only reason some shy away from selling materials. There are two kinds of materials on the list when selling them to the Magic Consortium: white materials and green materials. The differences between these are rather important as you’ll want to avoid selling the materials in green. The green materials are actually called Ingredients and are a necessity in obtaining recipes for cooking. For information on cooking you can check out our guide here.

All in all, selling off all of your white materials whenever possible isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it can actually be quite the opposite. Selling materials will not only provide the ability to gain new Spritnite, but it will also fill your pockets with gold. And with the high prices for weapons and items in I Am Setsuna, the more gold the better. So definitely be sure to drop by your friendly neighborhood Magic Consortium Representative after a long day of monster hunting. You’ll certainly be happy you did.

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