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Dark Souls Dev’s Armored Core Is the Latest to Get a Board Game


Dark Souls Dev’s Armored Core Is the Latest to Get a Board Game

It’s not Armored Core VI, but its better than nothing.

Built as a real-time strategy board game, Armored Core RTS is only the latest in the recent trend of video games receiving their own board game adaptations. With franchise creator FROM Software mainly focusing on the Dark Souls series, the last Armored Core game was Armored Core: Verdict Day in 2013. But there’s something timeless about massive machines pummeling each other.

Working with FROM Software, Bad Crow Games hopes to take that moment-to-moment action of Armored Core’s mech combat and translate it into a 3D board game. The game will support 2-4 players in its base version, with each game meant to take roughly 20 minutes. Bad Crow emphasizes the game is “fast to setup, fast to teach and fast to play.”

Interestingly enough, Armored Core RTS doesn’t actually include dice, and really does embrace its real-time claim. All players play at the same time, moving their mechs, redistributing power, and attacking their opponents. Using a laser pointer in every model’s base, the game is built around instantaneous line of sight. The physical buildings on the board can actually act as cover as players battle it out.

Armored Core RTS Kickstarter

“The basic mechanics are simple: call shots on your enemies when you have line of sight, then spend energy to activate weapons to destroy them,” Bad Crow says.

While each game takes 20 minutes, Armored Core RTS is designed for long running campaigns, players buying upgrades for their mechs between games. The game comes with a pre-built, 12 mission branching campaign where missions parameters and objectives change with each game.

The upgrade and customization system is more than just on paper though. The mech models include interchangeable legs, bodies, and arms so that your mech actually looks the part.

Bad Crow Games plans to launches the Armored Core RTS Kickstarter July 19 with a goal of $75,000. A pledge of $79 will get you the base game, while a pledge of $110 gets you the base game along with a cooperative expansion called A.I. Unleashed. If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, Bad Crow Games is aiming for a July 2017 release.

This comes after the Dark Souls board game blew past its Kickstarter goals, raising $5 million back in May, and Monopoly announced a Final Fantasy VII version of the classic game.

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