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Okay, Nintendo, Here Are 5 Other Pokemon Games We Want to Throw Money At


Okay, Nintendo, Here Are 5 Other Pokemon Games We Want to Throw Money At

Trainers would be clamoring to throw money at these five games.

Pokemon Snap 2

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What better way to capitalize on the nostalgia factor of Pokemon than for Nintendo to create a sequel to one of the oddest spinoffs in the history of the franchise? In a series known for imprisoning Pokemon inside balls, Pokemon Snap subverted audience’s attention by allowing players to capture the wonderful world of Pokemon inside the preview monitor of a camera.

Pokemon Snap 2 could potentially retread the concept presented in the original, but throw in a few refreshing new takes to bring in fans, old and new. Rather than limit players to the original 151, the game would make full use of the extensive Pokemon catalogue and include every Pokemon up to date. With this expanded roster, the player would need a world big enough to contain them all, so rather than limit the player to a predetermined track, the game would be open-world.

The ability to go anywhere in the world would also allow the player to wield a number of various tools that help her/him navigate the environment to capture the best possible shot. Imagine earning enough credits through photography to acquire climbing gear necessary to scale an arctic mountain in order to grab a photo of Regice. Now imagine that rendered in the inevitably more powerful Nintendo NX. *Cha-Ching*

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