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Zero Time Dilemma: C-Team Power Room Puzzle Walkthrough


Zero Time Dilemma: C-Team Power Room Puzzle Walkthrough

Be careful of slipping.

The power room is one of the locked room puzzles C-Team will have to face in Zero Time Dilemma. Here’s how to solve it.

Step 1: Pick up the box of matches on the ground.

Step 2: Open the gas valve and the connecting yellow switch, then strike a match in the heater.

Step 3: Slide the switch on the power distribution panel next to the gas valve. The top pipe should be receiving power now.

Step 4: Open the red locker connected to the top power pipe to get the steel mold.

Step 5: Flip the switch next to the locker door to open the lower door. You’ll have to solve a cube puzzle to get two sink plugs.

Step 6: Use the plugs to plug up both sinks in the room.

Step 7: Go back to the distribution panel and direct the power to the right pipe.

Step 8: Open the second locker door to get the fire extinguisher.

Step 9: Flip the switch next to the locker to open the lower door to get the block of tin.

Step 10: Fit the block of tin and the steel mold into the furnace in the corner.

Step 11: Use the matches to start a fire and you’ll get a tin key from the bottom drawer.

Step 12: Use the key on the lever machine near the large control panel. Pull the lever.

Step 13: Open up the water valve near the distribution panel, then flood both sinks in the room. Be sure to cover up the drainage ditches next to each sink.

Step 14: Turn on the power switch that’s connected to the exposed wires. This will power up the large control panel.

Step 15: Solve the puzzle at the control panel to power up the monitor next to it.

Step 16: Solve the laser puzzle by getting all the beams to touch the center core.

Step 17: Use the fire extinguisher on the water drainage next to the control panel.

Congratulations, you’ve managed to seek a way out of the power room in Zero Time Dilemma.

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