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YouTubers Life: How to Move Out and Change Houses


YouTubers Life: How to Move Out and Change Houses

It’s time to get your own crib!

YouTubers Life will allow your character to move out and change houses after you’ve completed certain objectives. For instance, moving out of the student apartment will require you to reach 50,000 subscribers on your channel. The game will also prompt you to move out after you’ve hit a certain level in specific housing conditions.

Moving out and getting a bigger house is important because it means you can hire more collaborators to help you out with recording and publishing videos. Not only that, moving into the luxury apartment will allow you to finally join a YouTube network and gain even more benefits from just being a part of the network.

To move out of your current living quarters in YouTubers Life, all you have to do is click on the front door of your house, and then select the option that says ‘Your Home.’ This will show you the type of apartment you can move in to next, the amount of money it will cost you to move in, as well as the requirements you need to fulfil before you can move in, if there are any. If you’ve met all the conditions, simply select the apartment and click on the option that allows you to move into that apartment.

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