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YouTubers Life: How to Make a Vlog


YouTubers Life: How to Make a Vlog

Get to an event first.

Making a vlog is a great way to share new content with your subscribers in YouTubers Life. However, you can only record vlogs when you’re attending events. To attend an event, simply wait to be invited by one of the big gaming companies or your own YouTube network. The game will give you a pop-up, indicating the time and date of the press event, as well as the products they’ll be covering and talking about. You’ll have to accept the invitation. When the day of the event arrives, your character will automatically get dressed and head out to the event.

Once you’re at the event, simply click through the dialogue boxes to get the event content out of the way. Once your character leaves the conference hall, you’ll enter a large room with tons of other people milling around. Instead of heading out the front door to go back home, click on your own avatar and you should see an option that allows you to record a vlog. Once you’ve recorded it, you’ll have to go back home and edit the video as per normal, and then upload it to your channel.

How many vlogs have you recorded so far in YouTubers Life? Let us know in the comments down below.

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