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What Does Woohoo Mean in The Sims Games?

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What Does Woohoo Mean in The Sims Games?

Within The Sims, you’re able to make your little sim families do just about anything. And we really mean anything. If you’re new to the series, you may be wondering what the “Woohoo” action means within the game. Well, have no fear because we’re here to help clear it up.

Woohoo is the term the games use for sex. If you click on a bed, shower, bush, or anywhere that lets you make two characters woohoo, you’re making them have sex. Or, you know, make love if they’re feeling that. In later The Sims games, you’ll have the option of Try For Baby, which will make your woohoo get the chance of the sim getting pregnant to start a family.

But there you have it, woohoo is the games’ version of sex, and it often grants them a boost in fun, a moodlet if the game allows those, and a chance to have a baby in the later games.

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