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Valkyria Chronicles: How to Get an A Rank in Every Mission


Valkyria Chronicles: How to Get an A Rank in Every Mission

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A Rankings in Valkyria Chronicles


Every battle mission in Valkyria Chronicles gives you a rank upon completion, from A as the highest on down to D. The higher your ranking the more gold and experiencing your going to be awarded for the battle. There’s only one thing that determines the rank you get,  and that’s how many turns you take during the mission. One turn includes both your movements and the enemies.

Generally an A rank will be award for completing a mission in at least three or four turns, although missions will differ. The lowest rank of D is always the maximum amount of turns you have to complete the battle before losing. Making good use of your tank’s abilities and choosing the units with the right potentials for each battle can help give you an advantage. You can also help yourself out by saving frequently during battle while things are going well, so if you end up in a bad spot and miss the turn count for an A rank you can just reload that save.

During battle you can check what your current rank is by what turn your on, but you can’t look at the overall requirements for each rank. Here you can find that information however, head to the next page to find requirements for obtaining each rank in each missions.

On the next few pages you’ll find the requirements for each story mission in Valkyria Chronicles, followed by the extra report chapters and then optional skirmishes. Each number is what you have to finish that mission by, in order to obtain that rank. So if the A rank number is a three, you need to finish that mission on turn one, two or three in order to obtain that rank. Note that some chapters in the story have multiple battles, which are noted. 

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