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Total War: WARHAMMER – Every Race You Can Play As


Total War: WARHAMMER – Every Race You Can Play As

Dwarfs in Total War: WARHAMMER


Dwarfs rely on their ingenuity to overcome their foes in battle with a mixture of their brute force and mechanical inventions.

Starting region

  • Karaz-A-Karak

Special Gameplay Mechanics

  • Can only capture territory belonging to Greenskins or other Dwarf factions.
  • Grudges: Enemy actions result in Grudge missions, all of which must be settled in order to achieve campaign victory.
  • Use Underway: Armies can choose to use the network of underground tunnels to avoid impassable terrain and enemy armies.

Special Units

  • Irondrakes: Short-ranged missile infantry.
  • Slayers: Hand-to-hand combat units.
  • Gyrobomber: Flyers with guns and bombs.


  • Durable, strong leadership.
  • Strong artillery have great range.
  • Strong economy and trade options.
  • Large technology tree with military and civic branches.
  • Magic resistance.
  • Expensive unit recruitment cost and upkeep.
  • No calvary options.
  • Small military unit sizes.
  • No magic use.

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