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Telltale Shows Off First Teaser for The Walking Dead Season 3

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Clementine, Javier

Telltale Shows Off First Teaser for The Walking Dead Season 3

What happened to your finger, Clem?!

Telltale Games recently started teasing the return of their incredibly successful series The Walking Dead, and they kicked off E3 today by bringing fans their first look at the season.

Telltale’s Head of Creative Communications Job Stauffer spoke with IGN about the upcoming continuation, which he said they “aren’t outright calling this The Walking Dead Season 3.” He continues by saying, “This is absolutely the third season, and it absolutely will continue the story that you started.”

Aside from that confusing bit of naming decision, they showed off the first teaser trailer for the new season. It shows an older Clementine – she’s in her early teens now – as well as an important new character, Javier. Stauffer confirmed that the player will control both Clementine and Javier throughout the game, though would not delve into the details surrounding the mysterious new lead.

Stauffer also mentioned that while the teaser is indeed just that – a short clip with virtually nothing to base a story off of – it’s up to the fans to see how many little bits of new information they can find in the trailer. For instance, Clementine is missing a finger now, showing that she hasn’t survived the last couple years completely unscathed.

For more information on The Walking Dead and all the latest news and previews straight from E3, keep checking back with Twinfinite.

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