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Smite: How to Turn on Auto-Buy


Smite: How to Turn on Auto-Buy

General Warning: AI might try to take over.

There are two features that are automatically on when you first start out in Smite. They are Auto-Buy and Auto-Level, which allows the game to pick your items and which skills will get leveled up. Players turn these off because you have to get into the habit of picking your skills or items according to the situation.

One reason why you would keep any automatic feature on is because you want to work on your mechanics, try a new champion or want to test out a custom build.  Of course, once you turn off Auto-Buy then you might forget how to turn it back on or might miss it in the PC version.

Pick any match mode that you want and where you will be playing against other players, on your God selection screen go to the lower left-hand corner. There you will see two options and once you click on ‘Auto-Buy’ then you will be set for the match. Keep in mind that once you turn it on or off, you cannot change your decision during the match. In order to re-enable it you would have to wait until the next Smite match to select the option again.

That’s all there is to it, now you can decide who’s in control when it comes to selecting what’s best for your God.

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