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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: How to Double Jump


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: How to Double Jump

Jump to even greater heights!

In order to perform a double jump in Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, you have to get Faith to leap towards a wall, and then spring upwards for an additional height boost. For instance, if you want to get onto a platform directly behind you that’s too high up, face a wall in front of the platform, jump at it with L1, perform a quick turn with R1, and then hit L1 again to grab the platform.

You’ll also face situations where you won’t be able to simply quick turn when leaping off a wall to get onto a platform. There will be times where Faith will have to perform a wall run before leaping onto a higher platform. This is a little tougher to pull off because it will require good timing and height estimation on the player’s part. When facing a wall, make sure to run and jump in the direction of the platform. The tricky part is getting the wall run to activate. To do this, simply sprint towards the wall, and then hit L1 right before Faith reaches the wall. While you’re in the middle of the jump, turn the analog stick to the direction you want to go, and Faith will perform the wall run. If you don’t point her in a direction, Faith will simply jump against the wall, and you’ll have to repeat the process again. Once you’ve gotten Faith to do the wall run, hit L1 again just before the run ends to leap to the platform.

Faith can also do double wall runs with a double jump. This is pretty easy to pull off. Simply jump onto the wall you want to run on, and then turn the camera towards the opposite wall you want to jump to, and hit L1 again to continue the wall run there.

Do note that the double wall run and quick turn abilities need to be purchased from Faith’s skill tree in the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst progression menu.

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