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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: 5 Combat Tips for Beginners


Mirror’s Edge Catalyst: 5 Combat Tips for Beginners

Become amazing at performing roundhouse kicks.

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Combat Shift

mirror's edge catalyst

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst gives you an ability called Combat Shift, which you can activate simply by pressing the R2 button. This allows Faith to dodge in any direction you choose. The best part is, you can use Combat Shift as much as you like with no cooldown period. This also lets you get behind your enemies quickly, leaving their backs open to quick attacks.

This will come in handy against the later enemy classes, especially the ranged shooters, as you’ll be able to perform last-minute dodges that could potentially save your life. The Combat Shift also allows you to be a bit more unpredictable with your movements, so be sure to throw in your Shifts in between your kicks and punches.

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