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Halo Wars 2’s Art Has Brutes, Scarabs, and Spartans, Oh My


Halo Wars 2’s Art Has Brutes, Scarabs, and Spartans, Oh My

That is a lot of Brutes…

Since the initial announcement of Halo Wars 2 last year, not a lot has been said about it. We haven’t even seen any footage of the game beyond that very first trailer. Currently, all we have to go off of is that and this piece of art that may possibly be for the game.

Twitter user Lifelower tweeted out this art that’s supposedly from the game. While the first picture is more than likely box art and then shiny red logo, the second picture has the full scope. It’s not just Brutes vs. humans; it looks like the Flood (?) and more Covenant are joining the fray as well. You can also see a new Scarab unit in the background, along with what may be a Cryptum. Possibly hinting at the Prometheans being a faction?

What’s even more interesting is that it looks like, going off of this artwork, we’ll be returning to the Ark from Halo 3. The Arks had multiple prongs that made it distinct from the other Installations. And if we’re going back to the Ark, the next question is why.

We’ll find out more about Halo Wars 2–and if this art is accurate–at Microsoft’s E3 conference in about two weeks. They’ve got to be showing it during their 90 minute presentation. In the meantime, go ahead and make that art your wallpaper. Go on, you know you want to.

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