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Goat Simulator: How to Use Your Tongue

Goat Simulator Waste of Space

Goat Simulator: How to Use Your Tongue

Goat Simulator is a ridiculous romp developed by Sanctum devs Coffe Stain Studios that puts you behind the wheel of a nefarious, ragdolling goat. You can get up to some outrageous hijinks, but first it probably helps to know how to control the cute little guy, as it can be quite tricky.

A key part of the game is essentially attacking things, utilizing the low gravity and warped physics to send people ragdolling around the map, or, by using your tongue to drag objects and cause mayhem.

To use your unusually sticky tongue all you need to do is press the ‘E’ button (‘X’ on an Xbox controller) in front of an applicable object. This will allow you to drag the human/car/lamp post/in any direction you please. To then get rid of the object, you can hit 1 or left click to propel whatever you’re holding on to in a direction of your choosing. This can be especially useful for shooting unwilling civilians into the clouds.

The game is ever expanding, and currently hosts a few packs of DLC spoofing Star Citizen, Payday and DayZ to name a few. Each of them so far have been hilarious and absolutely packed with new features. Check it out on Steam!

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