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Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Is Coming to the PS4

fahrenheit: indigo prophecy

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Is Coming to the PS4

A PS2 classic returns.

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy is coming to the PS4 via the PS2 classics range which sees popular games from the PS2 era get a digital release for the PS4. According to developer Quantic Dream, the game will be available to play next month.

Games released on the PS2 classics range get full 1080p up-rendering and new features such as trophies, shareplay, remote play, activity feeds, and second screen support for game manuals with ‘PS Vita’ or PS App.

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy was originally released on the PS2, Xbox, and PC and was very well received. It’s famous Diner Scene has since become a classic moment in gaming. The game follows several characters trying to solve the mystery of a supernatural force that’s making people kill.

The game will be available to download on July 18.

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