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Counter Strike: Global Offensive: How to Get Knives

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Counter Strike: Global Offensive: How to Get Knives

Knife mid?

We know how it goes. Your Counter Strike: Global Offensive match comes down to the end with a 1v1 pitting you against the other team’s top fragger. He asks for a knife fight and you think to yourself, “Sure why not? I mean, I’m an expert with the Zeus, so I can probably take him.” But in the midst of a heated battle you get distracted by the fact that his knife is bigger than yours and way cooler looking. And in that moment of shock and self-doubt, you hear the gutting sound followed by the announcer claiming the victory to your much more stylish opponent. You think to yourself, “Man, I need a really sweet knife so I can distract the enemy and get praise from my team.” Well no worries, we’re here to help.

Knives work very much the same way that guns do, in that they’re just skins you equip from the loadout menu. The difference between the two is that knife skins are much harder to come by. Gun skins are able to drop at the end of games, however knife skins are not. Knife skins can only be obtained from the game one way: cases. On top of this, cases have an incredibly slim chance of dropping a knife. They’re so rare, in fact, that many players will spend hundreds of dollars on cases and keys searching for knives and still never get one. This isn’t to say you’ll never get one through a case. It’s certainly possible, just very rare.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Knife Skin

Don’t fall into despair just yet, though. Probably the most reliable way to get a knife skin is to just buy it off the Steam Marketplace. Knife skins can run from as low as $40 to an upwards of a couple hundred depending on the rarity and condition of the knife. You may not want to spend that much for a single skin, but in many ways it can be more cost effective than continuously buying cases, praying to a lucky rabbit’s foot, and hoping for the stupid skin roulette to land on a knife.

Many players will also trade their way up. This means that the player will join a Counter Strike: Global Offensive community on Reddit or Steam and offer to trade skins and cases they own for something better or more coveted. They do this multiple times and can eventually work their way into trading for a knife.

Getting a knife in Counter Strike: Global Offensive can be a long and difficult road, but once you get your hands on one you’ll be winning knife duels in no time. Though don’t directly quote us on that one, we’re pretty sure you still gotta swing it properly.

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