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5 Reasons Destiny Still Has Millions of Active Players

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5 Reasons Destiny Still Has Millions of Active Players

Two Years Strong!

Destiny had an incredibly rocky start back in 2014, as it failed to live up to the colossal hype that surrounded its release. Receiving fairly average review scores, it didn’t appear as if the game would last more than a year before interest severely depleted. Yet, two years later and Destiny’s still going incredibly strong with 2015 alone having 20 million active players. Now it’s highly possible that a fair amount of these accounts are inactive, yet even if we take a fraction of this number it still will have a massive community.


With two DLC packs and one large-scale expansion behind it, Destiny seems to be a game that just cannot die. It’s not like Destiny is a perfect game as there have been a number of changes and balance issues that have been addressed. Yet, there are still people playing in the Crucible, smiting Oryx, and dismantling mines in the Prison of Elders. With an expansion on the horizon and the inevitable Destiny 2 in 2017, what makes this game so popular?

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