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Dark Souls III’s Fashion Police Is Invading Worlds and Doling Out Style

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Dark Souls III’s Fashion Police Is Invading Worlds and Doling Out Style

The fashion police have arrived in Dark Souls III.

Dark Souls III multiplayer is an interesting thing. So far, it’s delivered brutal fight clubs, greek tragedies, and now – the fashion police.

Ever since the original Dark Souls, fans of the game have stressed the importance of form over over usability. In short – if it looks good, use it. The defensive stats and buffs the armor offers matters very little, especially near the end of the game, so you might as well look good. But, some of us may not be as fashion forward as others. Cue the fashion police.

According to Reddit user, Leviafun365:

Was at Pontiff and saw a Mound Maker duel sign for “The Fashion Police.” Of course I summoned him, because a name like that is too good not to see what happens.

He shows up wearing a Leather set with a Lothric hood and does a full circle around me, inspecting my set. I’m not wearing anything too flashy, a Knight helm with Herald armor, complete with Silver knight leggings and nameless knight gauntlets.

He finishes looking me over and does a prostration gesture. I can tell he clearly doesn’t approve, so I ready myself for a fight. But instead he switches into my set but dons a Lothric knight helm instead, which significantly looked much more sophisticated then the knight helm I had which revealed my collar. I follow his lead and switch out the two and realize that I look so much better than ever, and I give him a rightfully deserved dignified bow.

He applauded me, and then threw himself off a ledge…

TL; DR: Got invaded by Fashion Police, he gave me great fashion advice, then killed himself when he saw his work was done.

Have any of you had a visit from the fashion police? If so, how’d it go? And what were their recommendations? Let us know in the comments below!


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