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Uncharted 4 Has a Perfect Papers Please Easter Egg


Uncharted 4 Has a Perfect Papers Please Easter Egg

“Papers Please, Mr. Drake”

Just when you thought you’d seen Naughty Dog pull everything off when it came to easter eggs in Uncharted 4, you encounter another brilliant homage.

We’ve witnessed both Crash Bandicoot and Guybrush Threepwood turn up in the game so far, but how about Arstotzka? You know, the fictional communist state which acts as the setting for 2013’s popular indie game, Papers Please?

This may seem like an odd thing to make reference to, but watch below to see how beautifully Naughty Dog manages to pull it off.

For those who haven’t experienced Papers Please, the game tasks you with playing as an immigration officer, who bears the responsibility of determining who gets to enter the grim country of Arstotzka at the borders checkpoint.

As it happens, the creator of Papers Please, Lucas Pope, is also a past employee of Naughty Dog, credited with work on both Drake’s Fortune and Among Thieves. Perhaps this is the studio’s way of congratulating Pope on the success of his indie hit.

In any case, try not to miss out on this meta-gem as you play through Uncharted 4 this week.


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