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You Can Play Uncharted 4 in 8-Bit


You Can Play Uncharted 4 in 8-Bit

Old-school style!

Uncharted 4’s fun doesn’t cease once you’ve beaten the game. No, after experiencing it the way it’s intended to be experienced, we highly recommend heading over to the bonus section and checking out the different Render Modes available for your next playthrough. Sure, there are some crazy, blinding ones… but there’s a particularly awesome one, too.

You can buy the 8-Bit render mode for five points and experience the world of Uncharted 4 as though it were 1989 again. It is really, really cool, although all render modes might leave you a little bit (heh heh) sick after awhile. Naughty Dog even made the voices and sound effects as though they’re straight out of a Nintendo game, muffled by all the pixels. You know what we mean. The particles that fly around from debris, sand, dust, wind, water, it’s all 8-bit. Even the intense graphics of the game’s cutscenes get the makeover once the option is selected.

uncharted 4

It gives the entire game an old-school vibe.

uncharted 4

Definitely makes combat a tiny bit difficult in terms of spotting enemies.

uncharted 4 gify

But it’s cool as hell, nonetheless.

uncharted 4 giffy

It’s incredible the amount of thought they put into Uncharted 4 as is, but Naughty Dog really outdid itself with all of the fun that surrounds the game. Even within its optional bonus menu.

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